Getting Started

Welcome to System Transparency!

System transparency is aimed at facilitating trust for the components of a system by giving every server a unique identity, limiting the attack surface and mutable state in the firmware and allowing both owners and users to verify all software running on a platform starting from the first instruction executed after power on. System Transparency accomplishes these goals by the seven principles listed in the manifest.

What is System Transparency?

Learn more about System Transparency with a talk about the basic idea and the manifest.

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Where to start?


To administrate all components of System Transparency check out the tooling repository. This is still under development.

git clone

The System Transparency bootloader is part of the u-root project. Check out the repository and switch to the development branch.

git clone
git checkout stboot

Browse the code at cmds/bootstboot , tools/stconfig and pkg/boot/stboot. Learn about the concept pointed out in the manifest

Media / Talks

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  2. System Transparency at the 36c3 -